LIVE Active, Heirloom, Organic Milk Kefir Grains with Digital Quick Start Guide & How to Video Included

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Makes 1 ½ cups to start and keeps growing!

Our Milk Kefir Grains are extremely hardy and always fresh. Each order is packed with a little organic milk for their journey to your home. Your Kefir Grains will continue to grow with each new batch.You can use any dairy milk – including Goat!

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LIVE Active, Organic Water Kefir Grains with Quick Start Guide

(2 customer reviews)


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Comes with a generous 1/4 cup of water kefir grains to get you started.  Will produce close to 1 liter of water kefir.  Your quick-start guide comes with a variety of options to help stimulate your unique flavor combinations!

Our water kefir grains are carefully grown and selected.  We want each customer to have wonderful experiences creating their own bubbly probiotic drinks!  This is why we know the value of a good foundation!  We use the best ingredients we can source in growing our kefir grains 🙂

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👋 Welcome to our shop!

We are very passionate about our customers and improving their gut health!

We started our business because our kefir grains healed our twin daughters' severe lactose intolerance and my husband's horrible candida overgrowth. We firmly believe in kefir's ability to heal your gut, and we want all of our customers to experience this change as well! 🥰

Over the years, we have heard the wonderful stories of our customers venturing out and learning more about their bodies, gut health, and restoring their vitality. We feel very humbled that we were able to play such a small role in their great journey. We are grateful that you would consider our little kefir grains as well. 💗


What is kefir?

Kefir is commonly known as a fermented probiotic milk beverage made from milk and milk kefir grains.  The word Kefir is traditionally pronounced “Kuh fear” and the anglicized version sounds like “key-fur".

What is water kefir?

Water kefir is a probiotic beverage made from sugar, water, and water kefir grains.  The beneficial bacteria and yeasts consume the sugar and leave a splendid, slightly tart, yet sweet drink that is full of probiotics.

Water kefir is not as strongly flavored as kombucha when finished.  For this reason, many customers do a second ferment by placing their water kefir in another jar or bottle and then adding fruit juices or fruit for another 24 hours.

This creates a flavored probiotic soda that is very tasty!


Why Our Kefir Grains are Great for you! 🥳

✔ Our kefir grains make tasty water kefir; just ask our customers!
✔ No Need To Rehydrate; use right away!
✔ Always Live, Active, Organic, and Always Fresh
✔ Each order comes with a simple and easy-to-use guide.

We guarantee that your organic water kefir grains will be extremely hardy and always fresh!  If they get damaged in transit we will always replace them. 👌

Your water kefir grains will continue to grow with each new batch. Seeing them multiply is always so beautiful 😭

We want to give you the highest quality grains possible, and that means made with only organic ingredients. 😘

To further help our customers have a great experience, we are always happy to help if you have any questions! 🍁


All orders receive:

Our Water Kefir Quick Start guide to get you up and running in no time!

water kefir Quick Start Picture


We are excited about all of your flavor combinations!  In your guide, you will find some suggestions on flavoring.  But we know our customers are very creative and we look forward to your messages about your ideas and suggestions!


2 reviews for LIVE Active, Organic Water Kefir Grains with Quick Start Guide

  1. Paula Burchart

    I bought both the water and milk kefir granules from this Canadian small business, Kefir Garden. The grains are of the highest quality. I had made water kefir using another brand, but stopped because the fermentation was never effervescent. I was overjoyed to see the bubbles in my bottle after 3 days of the first fermentation using Kefir Garden grains. I have been making kombucha for 12 years and at times the alcohol level, although low, causes me to have hot flashes. The water kefir is just as delicious and satisfying with no unpleasant side effects. Knowing that the majority of your immune system is housed in your gut, drinking active, live probiotics and digestive enzymes is just what you need in a pandemic when your saving grace is, and always will be, your immune system. Thank you Kefir Garden.

  2. Patti

    On my 3rd batch, it has worked really well. Have only done the double fermentation with ruby red grapefruit juice but it is really good and will try some other juices for variety.

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102 reviews for LIVE Active, Heirloom, Organic Milk Kefir Grains with Digital Quick Start Guide & How to Video Included

  1. Justin MacCurdy

    I have been on a long journey to health since my diagnosis with an MS label a couple years back. My journey has finally introduced me to healthy probiotic and fermented foods such as sauerkraut and the much beloved, kefir. Being someone who likes to educate himself on food items before purchasing I watched several videos on making and buying kefir. In the end, the price point and the availability through amazon won me over to kefir garden. I started my first batch tonight. Living in the maritime provinces of Canada late Fall feels like Winter to most so i’ve set it on the hearth beside the fireplace to help and activate the grains. With my own sauerkraut already made and kefir now in production, i’m looking forward to drinking this delicious homemade drink. The package arrived in a timely fashion with a kind note on the insert and professional packaging. When you can’t buy or find a product such as this locally, I am very pleased with the product I have received. Now to get my drinkage on!

  2. William McEvoy

    I was a little nervous about getting this packet through the mail (via Amazon) but there was no problem at all. I read the simple instructions, put the jar in a warm spot in my office, and waited. I was very surprised how simple it was. I made 3 cups on my first batch (that was the size of only jar I could find) so I waited a little bit longer than 24 hours. What came out was very interesting. It all separated nicely using a steel collander. I put the kefir grains back in the bottle and filled it again. I took the kefir, added strawberries and a bit of maple syrup. Put in a blender and had a GREAT smoothie. It got even better 12 hours the fridge. I highly recommend Kefir Garden. The hand written note was VERY much appreciated.

  3. Darryl and Lola Petersen

    We ordered the milk kefir grains to take with us from Canada to Mexico. Our order arrived in good time, well packaged. We did have questions before leaving and found these lovely people to be very helpful and friendly. Upon arrival in Mexico we followed the instructions that came with it and in a couple of days we had copious amounts of new grains and some very mild and pleasant tasting kefir. We are thoroughly enjoying this kefir and will most definitely be making this our regular plan for travel. It’s easy to make, easy to transport and tasty! A win win. Thank you!

  4. Paula Burchart

    I bought the milk and water kefir grains from Kefir Garden because it was a Canadian small business. The results have been stunning! The quality of grains are superior to any ones that I have purchased before from other companies. My milk kefir is off the charts in appearance and taste. Blended with ice and frozen organic strawberries , it is a rival for any high priced beverage at any specialty store.

  5. Tatiana T.

    I received my order promptly. After the first try my kefir wasn’t ready in 24 hrs, as my home t now is nowhere near 24 degrees. So, I decreased the amount of milk and in the next 12 hrs I had my kefir. It’s still small amount, but the grains are growing, very visible. E-book is very helpful and very well written.

  6. Rafi

    I ordered the Kfir grain and got them within 4 days. I followed the instruction on the video and got great Kefir first time .
    Very happy with this purchase. Most important support our local producers.

  7. Ezria Jordan

    Awesome milk kefir grains ! Well packaged, received in less than a week when sent from Ontario to BC. Looked like a tsp of tapioca pudding when received but within 2 weeks I was making 3 quarts of creamy, thick and tasty kefir. I followed the instructions as set out on their excellent online video and study guide. When I had a question they responded within a few hours. Would highly recommend them.

  8. Theresa M.

    Great product very kind service- definitely recommend

  9. Dr. M

    This is amazing! The first time I tried it and it turned out perfect!

  10. Liqun P.

    The kefir grains was received on January 2nd and it took too long. Other than that, everything is okay. The seller provided very complete information, thank you very much. Hope I can succeed with the product.

  11. Tammy S.

    Quick service and delivery

  12. Miles G.

    Very nice product, acted as expected, prompt shipping and delightful packaging. A plus!

  13. Karen W.

    I received the product very quickly,great service. Kefir is very good.

  14. Cora

    My parcel went astray and the seller was courteous and sent a replacement right away. Great service! They’ll have a customer for life!

  15. MadB

    I was worried the package took more than a week to arrive and temperatures in Canada are unforgiving. It was -10C the night it arrived. I left it on the counter to ‘defrost’, next morning I opened and was a bit disappointed by the tiny amount in the pocket. Followed the instructions left in the oven with light on 24H. Perfect Kefir. My only problem was the slight acidity but I am working on it 🙂 In a week I made three runs and each time it was perfect and more consistent it seems. Note: Videos are very well made and I recommend watching them and following them even if used to make kefir or yoghourt from ferment like myself. 👨‍🍳

  16. Wanda K

    The hand written card was a nice touch.

  17. H.W.

    I made my own kefir once every other day. Both me and my dog love it

  18. Nan

    The product is exactly as the picture. Perfect amount for two people, we love it!

  19. Med

    Fast shipment. Good results despite a pretty small amount of blob shipped but kiking and alive! Highly recommend. Thanks +

  20. Kelly S.

    One of the best kefir grains I have ever cultured! In a matter of weeks the grains have doubled in size. I definitely recommend this product!

  21. Julie S.

    These grains are wonderful. I have made 4 batches, 1 batch each day, since I have received the grains and each batch turned out great. I would recommend them.

  22. MaryBeth V.

    Kefir grains are a must these days in our quest for probiotics. This company provides all you need to get started and I am delighted. One thing I already had was a plastic jar lid which really should be used instead of metal. Everything else was right there to start my next jar.

  23. Bradley

    The product arrived before the scheduled date, the sellers responded to my ever question and there were many. Now I’ll brew my first batch and see the results

  24. Evelyn

    I ordered this product for my Mom and so far it is exactly what we need. The grain is producing and growing as we had hoped. Thank you.

  25. Tofield

    Excellent organic kefir grains.

  26. Susan

    The grains arrived quickly and were nicely packaged in small baggies in a padded envelope. Everything was very neat and professional looking, which made me feel comfortable using the product. Instructions were easy to follow. I contacted the seller with questions about a certain brand of milk and the cool temperature in our house and they got back to me right away and were friendly and helpful.

    My first batch of kefir (in a 66°F house) took a little over 24 hours and was delicious! My grains are multiplying very quickly, so I have to remove some of them every few days to keep the process slow and batches small, otherwise I end up with more kefir than I can use.

    I suggest you do some research on making kefir. The information that comes with the grains will definitely give good results, but experimenting a little might lead to a method that works better for you and help you realize that it’s a pretty forgiving process, and can be done in several ways. For a different taste and texture, I have started doing a second fermentation (straining out the grains and leaving the kefir in a sealed jar at room temperature for 24 hours) before refrigerating it. It’s delicious at room temperature, cold, used in overnight oatmeal, made into frozen cubes for using in smoothies, replacing buttermilk in recipes… The possibilities are endless!

    I have frozen some grains in case something happens to mine, but I definitely would not hesitate to buy them from Kefir Garden again if needed, and I highly recommend them.

  27. Bill P.

    This sat in my mailbox for a few days; didn’t matter. It worked well with the oven method.

    A few batches later, there were so many grains, I made chip dip! Not the best, but I scraped the bottom of the bowl clean. I am going to try a dill weed recipe next time.
    There is a learning curve. I like to put a little coffee cream in the batch. And now that I am not so suspicious about what I am drinking, I down it the way I downed milk as a kid. You get a very satisfying burp, and it is like velvet in your stomach.

    Once you have this stater batch, you can grow all the grains you want, and store back ups in little dope bags in your freezer.

    The instructions are first rate, a little art, a little science. They seem like the kind of people you would like to have over for a dinner party.

  28. Anita

    Great product, though fewer kefir grains than what I’d received when I’d ordered from another organic kefir seller. All in all, nicely and securely packaged active organic kefir grains. I would reorder.

  29. Lenka


  30. The

    Your kefir grains are excellent! They were active right away and are vigorous growers. I’ve had to split them already! They make the nicest kefir. And great service. Highly recommend!

  31. Dave

    Product arrived fast. These grains are fantastic! Thank you.

  32. Klaus

    Excellent product and fast shipping, thank you

  33. Elizabeth

    After few days of changing milk and following the procedure, it did not work. Milk did not turn into kefir but went bubbly. I ended up throwing this out!!!

  34. Mike

    Everything was great, plus, they grew and doubled in less than a week.

  35. Anonymous

    They arrived early and hungry. I fed them 1 cup of milk as soon as I got them and in 18 hours I already got kefir milk. I’m very pleased with these as I thought it would take longer as there was barely a teaspoon of grains. They did the job well. I’m keeping this seller on my list. Great product

  36. Cindy

    Kefir grains arrived quickly and lively– now I have fresh kefir daily

  37. Laurie M.

    Arrived quickly & was packaged with love. I’m back in the kefir making process. I love my daily smoothie.

  38. Laurie

    Arrived quickly & was packaged with love. I’m back in the kefir making process. I love my daily smoothie.

  39. Alexandra L.

    I received them over a week after they shipped and I was worried if they would still be alive. I’ve had kefir grains in the past and honestly when I got these, I wasn’t even sure there were any (I couldn’t see them!) I decided to trust that they were there and put them in fresh milk. After 3-4 days of changing the milk, I could finally see them!!! Despite still being small, I was already able to make about half a cup of kefir a day!

    Very happy with my purchase despite not really being able to see them when I received them. I’m not sure if this is the right terminology but these are the strongest and fastest kefir producing grains I’ve ever had!

  40. David B.

    Everything came as promised. Awesome service/product!

  41. Lammien R

    first time making kefir milk. a bit of a learning curve but persisted with the process and now pleased with the outcome of successfully making kefir

  42. Michael S.

    Great product, website explains everything, and I got a hand written note by the owner saying best of luck and thank you for my purchase. Very appreciative.

  43. Neil

    Great product!
    They are very active and I enjoy the results.
    Very satisfied

  44. Jeremy F.

    These grains are growing like crazy and making me a ton of kefir. ’nuff said!

  45. Mrs. Lisa W.

    Excellent instructions! Made a successful first batch.

  46. Marion D. F.

    Arrived quickly and were in good shape. I’ve been making excellent milk kefir for a while with them and the grains are multiplying well.

  47. Sam

    I couldn’t wait to receive my kefir grains. I received them one day earlier than expected. Now I am waiting on my first batch. I would like to point out, no where in the description does it state how much you will receive in one package. I received about one teaspoon of grains. I would have bought another if I had known, as I love kefir and I was planning to make a litre at a time.
    UPDATE: The grains are really growing fast and producing great kefir! I am enjoying the kefir and sharing it with others too. I’m so glad I chose to get the live kefir as it didn’t take long for the first batch.

  48. Priyesh

    The grains worked perfectly fine and within 5 days my grains have multiplied 3x. I suggest using organic milk of good quality for the best result. I love my kefir milk. Thanks.

  49. Anca G.


  50. Anonymous

    Tbh healthiest grain I ever had, now its triple the size of grain from I bought

  51. Christian H.

    Real stuff and great support.

  52. Christian H.

    Real stuff and great support.

  53. Lynn

    The grains are amazing. They arrived yesterday in my mailbox and I started them right away with organic homo milk. When I was done my 12 hour shift the kefir was perfect and the best I’ve ever tasted. The grains make beautiful creamy thick kefir. Thank you

  54. April M.

    as described

  55. Tannis H.

    excellent quality, friendly service.

  56. Debra A.

    The kefir grains were due between the 15th and 22nd, and arrived today, the 18th of July. I’ve started them in 1-1/2 cups of goat milk, and will add to the review as the kefir is successful. The information that came with the order is very useful, as is the ability to communicate with Evelyn at Kefir Garden. I’m sure the production of kefir will earn the 5* rating. Everything seems good, so far.

    Addition 22 July 2019: Today was my fourth batch and it is perfect. I found that a temperature of about 72 degrees F produced exactly what I want. Thick, creamy and bubbly. I switched to 3.25% cow’s milk. The goat milk from the store just isn’t fresh, and I can’t have a goat in town. If I could, I’d give Kefir Garden and their service a solid 10 stars!

  57. Jin W. K.

    They are the healthiest grain I ever seen. You would be able to produce kefir fully with in 3~4 cycle for sure.

  58. Lyse B.

    Been making Milk kefir every couple days. I like a second ferment where I add berries to it. Really tasty with my cereal, or on it’s own. I do struggle a bit separating the grains after a couple days. I’m sure I’ve ingested some here and there lol. Still move value than the powder, to me anyway, I like seeing what I’m fermenting

  59. J.a.B

    This product is amazing. It came in a small ziplock, and I was a bit worried at first because it sat in my mailbox all day in 30+ degree temps. I followed the instructions and added the contents to a mason jar with 1 1/2 cups of 2% milk and put it on my counter and less than 12 hrs later I had perfect kefir that looked exactly like the photos in the guidebook you get with the purchase. I am so impressed. Thank you 🙂

  60. Jessica

    Did not work at all

    • Kefir Garden

      Hi Jessica,

      We are sorry to hear things didn’t work out. When starting out making kefir at home there is a number of things that could affect fermentation. We want all of our customers to get the full benefits of homemade kefir. We didn’t have anyone to help us when we started out and we don’t want you to feel that way either. We welcome you to give it another try. Please contact us so we can help you get things just right!

      Best Wishes,
      Evelyn, Kefir Garden

  61. Lisa S.

    Great product and fantastic prompt service!

  62. Jeremy S.

    I named my Kefir culture Bernard. Wonderful product. I appreciated the hand written note that came along with the starter culture.
    It taste good plain and especially awesome in smoothies.

  63. Rosita J. B.

    Excellent product and customer service, very helpful! A+++

  64. Jan

    Being a newbie, wasn’t sure it would work but I have great tasting Kefir.

  65. Nathalie

    Super kéfir! Il faut seulement être patient pour qu’il s’habitue à notre lait. Après 3 ou 4 séances, le kéfir est épais et savoureux!

  66. M.

    Looking forward to trying it out. Took a break from making kefir for a while needed a new batch to get started. Hoping it works out well.

  67. Marta O.

    Quick shipping by seller. Item arrived quickly. Looking forward to trying it out. Took a break from making kefir for a while needed a new batch to get started. Hoping it works out well.

  68. Pablo

    Great customer service and product as described.

  69. Rosalin S.

    Outstanding customer service! Prompt and helpful.

  70. Carolyn S.

    I was worried when my kefir grains had not arrived by MARCH 22! Contacted Kefir Garden and was ASSURED of a new shipment free of charge if they did not arrive in a couple more days. They came and were perfectly fine. Blown away by the quality and how much kefir they make! Highly recommend Kefir Garden! Wonderful customer service and product!

  71. Alice B.

    I will definitely be ordering these again. Due to some unavoidable delay, I did not get the grains into my organic milk until yesterday (a full 2 weeks after delivery), fully expecting them to, at least, be slow to ferment. To my surprise, my kefir was ready to drink this morning. The second batch is already on the go.

    I cannot recommend this supplier strongly enough. Many thanks

  72. Joe G.

    Kefir grains are not growing it remain always like curds

  73. Eric K.

    Many thanks for your help in completing my order!… I sure appreciate your very prompt remedy to the delayed arrival of my order!

  74. Carolina

    Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Good packaging but it took 5 days to get it. It didn’t smell well. Still I followed the process without any success.

    • Kefir Garden

      Hi Lenny,

      We are sorry that this happened. From the description that you gave it sounds like your kefir overfermented. There are different remedies to control the temperature so that this doesn’t happen. We would like for you to give us another chance and allow us to send you a new package free of charge.

      If you decide to follow up with us, you can reach us on our website or by contacting us through Amazon. We hope to hear from you soon!

      Evelyn, Kefir Garden

  75. Suzana M.

    Product works! I have lots of kefir now! The grains started making kefir within a few days!

  76. Lia V.

    Excellent company. There were some issues with delivery, but those were not the fault of this supplier, rather that of Canada Post. The seller went above and beyond to re-send my grains and ensure they arrived, excellent customer service! I have delicious kefir every morning now, very pleased!

  77. Moman

    My kefir grains grew at least 3x more in less than a month. Thanks to Evelyn in answering all my questions.

  78. Natasha

    Received, and was wanted and expected.

  79. Pablo M.

    Excellent customer service and great product!

  80. Lydia L.

    A loved one ordered this for me as a way to get my kefir fresh and cheap than buying from store. I am really impressed with how quickly the grains went to work. I was worried that would become damaged from the shipping, but I just drank my first batch of kefir using the grains. The grains look alive and healthy. Thank you!

  81. Michelle

    I really enjoyed store bought milk kefir and thought “Why not try making my own?”. I ordered these grains and emailed the seller (Evelyn) for some information about starting my initial batch. I followed her advice and in the month since receiving the grains I have gone from culturing 375ml of kefir every 24 hours, to 2 liters every 24 hours.

    I wish I had taken a picture of the grains I received so I could compare them to the grains I have today. What started out as probably less than a tablespoon is well over a 1/4 cup. At this point, the kefir production has ramped up so substantially that I may have to leave the kefir in the fridge to culture for a time just to slow it down.

    The kefir tastes great and I’m kind of addicted to it at this point.

    If you order these grains, and you should, please reach out to Evelyn if you have any questions. She was thoroughly helpful and responded quickly.


  82. Janice F.

    Item arrived later than expected, but seller assured me the grains would be fine and so far so good. Making Kefir :).

  83. Brian E.

    Arrived on time and as described. Have been making kefir since the day it arrived to great success. The videos helped when I made cheese and needed to separate my grains from the curds. great product

  84. Sarah K.

    Highly recommended. Very happy with my grains. I’ve made several small batches in my pretty cold kitchen, and they are Growing! I’m so happy I went with Kefir Garden. Thank you so much! This will greatly benefit my family.

  85. Dianna W.

    With the help from Evelyn, I am able to make a new batch of kefir everyday in a colder room temperature. The kefir grains have already grew in a week. I would highly recommend purchasing from Kefir Garden.

  86. Nicole N.

    Works great! Been growing like crazy since January. Works as it says. I like fermenting for 36 hours so it’s thicker. Grains have already doubled in size.

  87. TB

    very happy with my purchase

  88. Joshua Lee

    Grains activated quickly and customer service with Evelyn was outstanding. She answered all my e-mails and questions, until my grains were activated, grew, and was successfully making kefir. Would recommend these grains and this company to anyone.

  89. G.

    These arrived quickly and after 24 hours were so lively I had to increase the milk from 1-2 cups for the tsp to tbs of kefir grains I received, to 4 cup batches, just so it doesn’t over-ferment and separate! The grains are growing slowly but steadily. I really appreciated the ebook and video link that came with the grains. They simplified the learning process dramatically.

  90. Peter B.

    Got them quick and making kefir every day now.

  91. Grace R.

    Promptly replied with comprehensive answers to my questions. Kefir grains shipped the day after ordering and arrived safely and on time. Thanks!

  92. Doc

    Shipping was fast and the grains are as described. I am very pleased and happy with these grains that grew from the size of a teaspoon to filling almost a half jar in just 2 months. Thank you

  93. Janet K

    Good quality grains. Mine have already doubled (or more) in a few weeks of using them. Nice tasting kefir.

  94. Hassan

    The quantity of grains is inadequate and too little for cultivating. Might not grow.

    • Kefir Garden

      Hi Hassan,

      We hope that everything went well with your kefir. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

      Evelyn, Kefir Garden

  95. Christophe A.

    Good product, fast shipping and good communication with seller. Thanks !

  96. Jay K.

    I was surprised when I got this starter as the starter I had before was small pearly type balls, this is nothing like that…more like irregular clumps. But it works, that the main thing as at a cost of WAY cheaper than store bought kefir.
    I make it regularly…it is so simple!

  97. Patty H.

    Excellent product…wonderful and helpful people who sold the product! Everything came and was exactly as described and I am LOVING my homemade kefir thanks to their grains!

  98. Mourad S,

    Amazing kefir grains. Received about the size of a teaspoon and after a month, they quadrupled in size. They make a great kefir and the best dairy milk to use is the organic unpasteurized whole milk. Thank you Kefir garden

  99. Kerri P.

    Took a lot longer than expected but was alive and well. On my second batch of kefir

    • Kefir Garden

      Sorry about the delays. Canada Post had a backlog and it was completely outside of our control. We are glad everything worked out well in the end!

  100. Raina M.

    Very happy with my grains. We have been enjoying fresh kefir daily. Customer service is outstanding. Highly recommend purchasing from this company.

  101. Anonymous

    Very happy with it, makes a healthy and great drink.

  102. Elizabeth L.

    Very happy with my purchase, would recommend it, it is easy and delicious.

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