Join Kefir Garden Growers’ Network!



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What is our grower’s network?

We warmly invite you to join our passionate community of kefir grain growers!

Our grower’s network is Kefir Garden’s kefir grain buyback program. A convenient, simple and gratifying way to earn money from the comfort of home!


How much can I make?

Our current rate is $100 per 250 grams.  The minimum amount that we will accept is 100 grams per shipment. You can get paid 40 cents per gram and you should contact us when you have 100 grams or more. 

We will use our most recent grower, Rachel, as an example. 

Rachel had a lot of extra kefir grains.  She shipped them to us (described below) and we weighed and measured the grains.  For the amount we received, she was paid $300. 


How often can I send you kefir grains?

The answer to this question is based on overall demand and our current stock levels at the time. We prefer to have repeat growers and nurture these relationships.  We will send out emails when we need more grains.  If you are a part of the program, typically we will need kefir grains about once a month.  Don’t try to grow extra grains, though. Just drink your kefir as you normally would. We cannot anticipate our needs month-to-month, so we don’t want you to have too much in storage. The minimum amount that we will accept is 250 grams per shipment.




What do I need?

You probably have everything you need since you are already making kefir regularly.  A digital kitchen scale would help with estimates.  You can find these on Amazon.


How do I join?

*Very important Information before going forward*

Your kefir grains must have been originally purchased from Kefir Garden.  No mixtures from other sellers. We want our customers to have a consistent experience with a product that yields reliable results.  

Kefir grains behave differently from seller to seller.  Some kefir grains grow fast, some grow slow.  Some grow quite large, others are smaller.  Some kefir grains produce kefir that is more tart than ours, others much milder.  There is so much variation and we cannot account for it in our guides.  Our integrity is important to us and our customers.  We cannot sell grains that are not our own. It must come from our original kefir grain mother culture. 

Some customers return to us because of the taste and because their health improved specifically from our kefir grains as opposed to others that they have tried.  We need to honour their trust and respect and we need growers that see how important it is as well. 



To apply, click the button below. 



What is the process after I have been accepted?


Receive a request from us

We will send out an email to all our growers asking them how much kefir grains they currently have in storage.  We will then communicate and determine how much they can send to us. 

How do I ship the grains to you? 

Shipping the grains is a simple process.

Kefir grains must be strained thoroughly. First, rinse kefir grains in milk. Use a fine-mesh strainer and let the milk drain from the kefir grains for at least 20 minutes. Pack into a double-bagged Ziploc bag with as minimal liquid and air as possible.  The extra air can cause yeast to take over the grains.  The extra milk and liquid can cause the kefir grains to rapidly disintegrate in transit. 

When you are ready to ship, we will cover the cost of shipping by purchasing a label for you to print out at home. 



Once your kefir grains arrive, we will weigh them and let you know what we received.

There will always be fewer kefir grains arriving to us than what you send. This is because kefir grains because are a live product.  The bacteria will consume some of the grains in transit in order to survive.  

Customers don’t know this, but we always overpack our orders because we know the grains shrink. This usually works out fine and they receive the intended starter amount.  Sometimes a customer will receive half of the grains because the bacteria ate so much in transit.  Maybe you have experienced this and noticed the discoloration and shrinkage and we had to send you another set!  When shipping overseas we must send double the amount just to make sure the grains are still viable when they arrive.  It is an unavoidable loss.  It is a natural part of dealing with a live product.  


Get Paid!

Why we need a grower’s network

Kefir Garden sells out constantly. No matter how much we plan, we cannot keep enough in stock. Every year we have been in business, demand has increased beyond what we can anticipate. Sometimes we have to shut down our business for an entire month to recover.

Why don’t you limit how much you sell so you can stay in stock regularly?

We have tried to do this, but we didn’t start our business with money in mind; we started to help other families that were suffering like ours.

Because of this, we get a lot of emails from customers telling us about their health struggles and how much kefir helps them. They want to know when we will open again. It breaks our hearts because some people are suffering from cancer treatments and kefir helps settle their stomachs. Others have had candida overgrowth and have had great improvement. Some customers have IBS and kefir allows them to have regular bowel movements and feel better overall.

It is incredibly hard to say no to these messages. We want to help! Many people in the Western world don’t know about kefir, but the ones that discover it have sought kefir for a reason.

We need your help to help others!